Anne Johnson, Alexander Technique Teacher, Philadelphia, PA"The essence of the Alexander Technique is to make ourselves more susceptible to grace." - Michael J. Gelb

Winter 2024

Being in Your Heart Space: TBA

This class will explore the connection of our mind, body and breath through the heart. We will enliven our awareness and explore the spaciousness that the heart brings. 


Reaching Goals with Awareness: TBA

What are you walking towards? This class will explore the awareness and dynamics within standing and walking. We will experiment with the movement of our thoughts and the movement of our body. We will contemplate balanced awareness between out feet and our head and finally we will explore the relationship between our hip knee and ankle joints.


New and returning students welcome! (class size limited, save your spot now!)

Email to register:

Participants will be guided through explorations that will wake up the relationship between thoughts, body sensation, breathing and the space around.

Each class is tailored to meet the needs of participants.

We will practice being present in the moment, enlivening our inherent sense of wholeness and support.


2022  One-time Special Offer for New Students:

Register for a Group Class with a private lesson and save on each private lesson. (new student regular lesson rate is $95)

One private lesson and 2-week class/$125

Two Private lessons and 2-week class/$210



Your Blooming Awareness Workshop: Creating a daily practice of self-care by aligning with kind-hearted thoughts and supporting your mind-body-heart connection.

Anne recognizes the need for positive self-affirmation and shares simple accessible ways to become present in the moment to access choices that allow for comfort within.

This 75 minute workshop can be scheduled to meet you and your group needs. Contact Anne to arrange a time especially for you.


Anne is now teaching individual lessons and group classes both in person and online.

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Free phone consult before registration. Payment due at registration.

To register for a workshop, 3-week Class, or to schedule a Private Lesson, please email or call 215.843.1555.

Thank you for your interest! ~Anne 🙏