Anne Johnson, Alexander Technique Teacher, Philadelphia, PA"The essence of the Alexander Technique is to make ourselves more susceptible to grace." - Michael J. Gelb








Anne Johnson teaches the Alexander Technique to individuals and groups in her Philadelphia studio as well as at the Boyer College of Music at Temple University and the Mt Airy Learning Tree, a community education organization in Philadelphia.

The Alexander Technique offers a practice of self-care that engages and unifies mind and body to support optimal health. In today’s world, it’s easy to get pulled away from the very support and balance needed to get through the day, resulting in unnecessary tension and fatigue. Practicing the technique not only reduces tension and pain, but also improves performance, skill, coordination, flexibility and breathing. Anne will invite you to explore the relationship between your thoughts and your physical body, helping release restrictive habits and embody confidence and 
a sense of well-being.

Anne finds pleasure in sharing the benefits of this rich body of work with people of all ages, skill levels and diverse backgrounds. She delights in helping students clarify their intention and move with awareness and direction towards desired goals.

She offers Introductory Workshops in settings such as music and writing studios, architectural firms, choirs, yoga studios, small businesses, fine artist studios, fitness centers, sports clubs, young mother’s groups and offices of health care professionals.


      • Improve performance and skill
      • Reduce pain and tension
      • Improve breathing and vocal production
      • Prevent injury and facilitate recovery
      • Increase co-ordination, flexibility and tone
      • Embody confidence and a sense of well-being
      • Increase productivity and efficiency
      • Enable clarity of intention and expression

Feel free to inquire about creating a workshop for your group.